• LIMITED GOVERNMENT: Margaret believes in small government with limited reach. She believes that currently even local governments have greatly overreached beyond the boundaries of the Constitution and the intentions of our Founding Fathers.
  • LOWER TAXES AND FINANCIAL RESPONSIBITLY: Margaret believes in lower taxes and financial responsibility. If our local government stayed focused on the needs of the community and quit handing out freebies to those unwilling to be responsible, then those who are responsible citizens could further enjoy their dreams for their own lives. Everyone needs help sometimes but living off of the efforts of others shouldn’t become a lifestyle. Monthly financial reports showing where the money comes in from, who it is going to and for what reason should be published and posted by every government entity. It is the right of every citizen to know where their tax dollars are going.
  • HIGH QUALITY POLITICALLY UNBIASED EDUCATION: Margaret believes that all children must have a high-quality education. This helps the community by growing the economy, lowering crime rates, lowering addiction rates, and eliminating poverty. Education needs to be politically unbiased. School boards are accountable to the community, especially the parents, whether they are willing to admit it or not. We do not need to increase funding for schools. Take a look at the monthly financial reports of local school districts and you will see much waste.
  • HELP, NOT ENABLE THE HOMELESS: Eliminate homelessness by using the community services already in place and funded. Social service organizations need to become pro-active rather than reactive in solving this community crisis. Homeless people and those panhandling in our community need to be screened to find out what their needs are. Through our current programs they can receive addiction rehabilitation services, mental health services and job placement. Those in this situation need to set and be accountable to 1 week,1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1-year goals to help them become stable and secure. If they are unwilling to participate in a program, they must relocate. Margaret believes in helping, not enabling. This plan does not need additional funding as local services are already in place.
  • ADDICTION SUPPORT WITH CONSEQUENCES: Those with drug addiction issues will not choose to recover unless it is too uncomfortable not to. In the meantime, with the laws we have in place we are enabling addicts to stay addicted while taxpayers foot the bill and pay the consequences of the choices of others. Summit County has addiction recovery services in place. Those suffering with addiction need to be encouraged to make the recovery choice. Local laws need to put a limit on the amount of emergency room services addicts can receive before being legally required to participate in a recovery program available. This does not mean denying medical services, this means after treatment patient needs to be discharged to a recovery program. Margaret believes in a three-strike policy, meaning on the third emergency room visit or 911 call due to a drug related issue, and the many other possible scenarios involving drugs, the person must participate in a treatment option. This might seem counter to Margaret’s statements about freedom, but addiction issues are the downfall of a community and evidence of a need for mental health assistance. This plan does not require additional funding as addiction recovery services are already in place in Summit County. They are just not being utilized fully.
  • FIX THE ROADS CORRECTLY: If the roads are simply repaved and the sewer and other infrastructure elements are down in holes, we have not really fixed the roads, we have caused another risky road condition. We need to repair and improve the roads the correct way where the sewer access and other infrastructure elements are even with the roads and do not cause risk. This plan should not require additional funding. There is already an infrastructure budget in place.

This is just the beginning. If you look at other Summit County Council candidate websites, you will see a push for increased funding for a variety of programs from most candidates and those currently serving on Summit County Council. How can anyone lower your taxes by increasing spending? We do not need to increase spending. We need to decrease spending. Department spending could be decreased by one to five percent a year, and nobody would notice due to the high volumes of waste. It is time that your tax dollars are no longer wasted.