Dear Speaker Pelosi

In an attempt to influence certain actions for the benefit of American citizens I have decided to start the 7000 Letters campaign. My intention behind this campaign is to hopefully have 7000 people send the approximate same letter to one individual or entity within the same week so that the recipient will understand the level of dissatisfaction the citizens or consumers have in regard to their services or product. It is my intention that you can copy and paste the letter into your word processing application to make the necessary changes (including the address spacing corrections), print, sign and then mail the letter. Sending the letter through the U.S. postal service will have more impact than sending an email for two reasons. 1. It is too easy to ignore an email. 2. Some entities and organizations limit who can send them an email by using contact web forms and email filters.

Please feel free to share this information with others and encourage them to join our campaign by sending this letter or one similar. Thank you.

I have chosen to write the first letter to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives. The letter is as follows:

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi

1236 Longworth H.O.B.

Washington D.C. 20515

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

As a citizen of the United States, I am genuinely concerned about your qualifications in continuing to be able to serve in Congress. Your actions and choices show a significant disregard for the citizens of the United States whom you were elected to serve. You have violated your oath of office to support and defend the Constitution with multiple inappropriate actions. You have violated your fiduciary responsibility to the tax paying citizens of the United States, by supporting and encouraging rampant and irresponsible spending for items not within the scope of the Constitution. You have even taken treasonous actions by participating in a conspiracy against a sitting president by collaborating with enemies of our country, both foreign and domestic. You are hereby encouraged to end you plans to run for re-election and resign immediately from Congress.

As Speaker of the House of Representatives, you control the agenda and initiate the votes in Congressional sessions. You have knowingly initiated votes for laws that are not within the scope of the powers granted to Congress by the Constitution. These include, but are not limited to the Affordable Care Act, and The Women’s Health Protection Act -an attempt to codify abortions and force the taxpayers to pay for it. The Constitution does not provide powers to Congress to interfere in anyway with healthcare in America. This breach of ethics and Congressional overreach is inexcusable and one of many violations of your fiduciary responsibility to American citizens.

You participated in an act of treason by initiating impeachment proceedings against a sitting president knowingly using information that was false. You conspired with others in an attempt to remove a president from office, opening a trial knowing the false information was provided by a foreign agent working for and paid by the Hilary Clinton campaign. This is an act of cooperating with an enemy of the state against our county.

You have also used your position in Congress in other ways to enrich yourself, including insider trading based on laws you knew, as Speaker of the House, would lead to government contracts with specific companies. You also initiated and passed a vote to send our tax dollars to Ukraine supposedly to aid in a defense effort. What you and other government officials failed to do is explain why it is our responsibility to fund Ukraine in anyway, rather than Ukraine fund their own defensive efforts in a situation that has been rather short lived. You also know that there is significant conflict of interest regarding this situation due to the actions and associations of the Biden family with Ukraine, as well as several other countries. You also further discredit yourself by showing up in Ukraine for photo opportunities when the United States has our own crises that you have not shown up for.

You have compromised yourself as an appropriate representative of the people of the United States of America. You have violated the sacred trust granted to you when you took your oath of office. You have discredited yourself with your own actions, and you have used your office to commit illegal acts including treason against our country and for personal gain. Please step down as Speaker of the House and resign from Congress immediately.


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