For Freedom’s Sake

I am hearing many people say they are concerned about losing their freedoms. With the COVID pandemic as an excuse to keep us all from assembling for a number of reasons including going to church or even attempts to limit gathering with family and friends, it is no wonder we feel our Constitutional rights are being violated. The fact is the violations of those rights have been happening for a while and are growing by miles for every inch we get to nudge over for a multitude of excuses. That’s right, excuses! Those excuses keep growing and the overreach keeps happening. That is why I decided to run for Summit County Council.

You have to start somewhere and for all of us that somewhere is home. Freedom begins at home. While most people who choose to vote will vote only for Presidential elections. We all need to come out and vote for our local elections. That is where the elections have the most influence over our lifestyle and our freedoms. If you want to keep your freedoms, that is what you need to do. Those elected in local elections filter up into the national elections. If you want good quality candidates for Congress, you need to be part of the filtering system along the way by participating in local elections. We all have had the experience of not really liking the candidates available but voting for them because our options are limited. Voting in local elections helps develop the options you prefer.

The next time you consider not participating in the midterm elections because there are only local offices and positions on the ballot, remember how much you resent the loss of your freedoms. We can all dial back that loss by voting each primary and every election cycle. Remember, freedom begins at home.